We are so excited to share a sneak peek of our new and improved Bettie Page Dresses and Separates.

For almost the past quarter of a century, my husband, Bettie Page’s agent, protected the legacy of our dear friend and client, Bettie Page. During Bettie’s life, I met extensively with her to discuss her ideas on how she wanted the BETTIE PAGE brand to develop. Bettie loved to design unique clothing and swimsuits that reflected her personality and often said <em>“I was never the girl next door”</em>. She would design herself many of the outfits she wore in her famous photo shoots. She often told me, <em>”I believed in wearing what I thought looked good on me.”</em>

We have grown this exciting brand with our very successful lingerie, hosiery and shapewear collection from Secrets in Lace, now in its seventh year. Our shoes from Ellie Shoes is now in its sixth year and has been a fan favorite. The retro swimwear collection from Coral &amp; Jade is also in its fifth year and is enjoying enormous success. Of course, there are several hundred other gift, paper and other media projects underway, including the tremendously successful “Bettie Page Reveals All” feature film by Academy Award nominee Mark Mori released to theaters around the world earlier this year.

The newest “re-addition” to the brand is the new and improved Bettie Page Dresses and Separates, constructed of high quality fabrics from around the world and as Bettie always wanted ……”Made in America.”

We listened to our fans around the world (over 1.1 Million on Facebook alone) and collaborated to create our entire apparel line for ladies who want to emulate the Bettie Page look, but also for her long time fans to appreciate her style. The line now accurately depicts Bettie’s unique clothing line envisioned by her before she passed away in 2008 with many of the designs styled and inspired by what Bettie wore and what she designed.

These Bettie Page dresses will join the rest of our exciting brand for the official launch at the International Apparel Show ( WWDMAGIC ) in Las Vegas in August. They will be available in sizes 4 to 26 and sold internationally.